Schroder Performance

Created in 2001, Schroder Performance Equities fund aims at appraising the capital of its investors in the medium and long term, by means of investment of resources in shares of different open capital companies.

To achieve this goal, the fund makes use of an active management, which selects bonds and securities through a private qualitative analysis of the stock market and considers the total return expected (valuation plus income distributed).

The constitution of Schroder Performance portfolio gives priority to companies quoted below that deemed fair value, or which present consistent periodic distribution and high income policies (dividends and interests over own capital). The priority falls over those that comply with the principles of good corporate governance.

Even if the fund does not have the IBX or the Ibovespa as a benchmark, these indexes are met, as its goal is to exceed the average performance of the stock market. Since it was created, six years ago, it has met this goal.

General Information:
Name of the Fund: Schroder Performance FIA
Commencement Date: 7 February 2001
Benchmark: N/A
Target Clients: Private Individual and Legal Entities Investor
Category ANBID: Unconstrained
Administrator: Intrag
Manager: Schroder Investment Management Brasil STVM S.A
Custodian: Banco Itaú S.A.
Controller: Banco Itaú S.A.
Auditor: Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Administration Fee: 2,00% p.a.(see regulation)
Performance Fee: N/A
Minimum Investment: R$ 50,000.00
Minimum Operation: R$ 1,000.00
Limit time for investment: 2:30pm
Limit Time for Withdrawal: 2:00pm
Investment Quota: D+1
Withdraw Quota: D+1
Investment Liquidation: D+0
Withdrawal Liquidation: D+4

Consult Schroders to find out the banks that distribute this fund in Brazil, or to know how to invest directly with us.